About me

Here something about me…

I’m Nicola Zago, an italian senior web programmer. During my life a experienced several fields, from high performance computing (in a PhD) to ERP consulting, but at the end I found that the field in which I can both work on interesting projects and still have fun is web development.


I started my programming life at 14 with Visual Basic way back in 2000; I liked to make simple GUI that did what I wanted, as a program to quickly do WinAmp skins and similar (at that time I didn’t have an internet access so I got programs from magazines or I did them by myself). At that time just after learning the if statement I was trying to do a chat bot.. 🙂

At 15 I found the “The C Programming Language” in the shelf of my father, and I liked it ever better! It gave me a sort of cyberpunk feeling of interaction with the computer. In that period I participated to the Italian Olympiad in Informatics, placing 31st in the national contest.

During my Bachelor and Master degree in computer science at the University of Padua I learned Java and I started to sporadically program also as work, but most of my programming was to experiment my interests like computer vision (streaming elaboration, codec implementation…) and mathematics (integer factoring, constants computations…). In that period with a friend of mine we programmed some Android App to explore the App world.

After the University I attends a PhD about High Performance computing and then I started to work in the web world, with a closed parentheses as a consultant. I still programmed a lot and see many interesting stuff but always with some finality in my job, rarely I programmed something just for fun.

My last experiment is an RPG game web-based started in 2017 and still there waiting to be completed, but I have a long list of things I want to do, so I hope this blog will help me to organize them and slowly explore them again.

As I re-elaborate my old material, I’m putting it also in my github. Feedback and suggestions are welcome!