My Projects

Here I’ll publish some projects of mine, at least those I consider both useful and mature enough to be distributed.

So far the section contains the following projects:

  • Android Elf WS: in my Android Apps I had often to connect to REST WS. This is a mini-library that allows quickly and easily to connect to REST WS and with some trick also to SOAP.
  • ZaBa PNG Encoder: this isn’t a real project. It is a library part of the Android App Zaba Photomosaic, an App to make photo-mosaic that I published in 2013 together with a friend of mine. Maybe with modern devices it is no more necessarily, but it can handle images with outrageous resolutions in efficient way.
  • Playground: a page where I do small experiments with new functionalities, frameworks and tools. For example using the webcam in a web page to create a 3d video or an ASCII video, or a small implementation of the Game of Life to try ChatGPT.
  • CLI commands: some working CLI command, like an image renderer or a ASCII camera in command line, or related post like Obfuscation and IOCCC.
  • Work Stuffs: some possibly useful small modules of frameworks I use in my job. So far here I have published only Magento modules, like custom profiler and exclusion of pages from sitemap.