CLI commands

Wood computer

For a nerd the command line is a magic or even a mystique world, a world where you spent months or years during nights in the silence of a ceiling that was too cold in winter and too hot in summer. You room of the spirit and the time, that accompanies you during the other events of your life. A place lost somewhere in time and when you are there every command you write to the shell make you perceive an incredible amount of work done in other distant nights by unknown people that probably shares or shared you same feeling staying there.

I would like to spend more time there, there are a lot of old CLI commands of mine that wait to be restored or completed, among this the SIQS C implementation that I implemented for my master degree (that could factor a 80-digits number in 1 hour) and Midnight Chess Engine, a chess engine that I started and never completed (and that I totally loss!! 🙁 )

I hope to put in this page all my CLI projects that I manage to save from the oblivion of time.

CLI image viewer

A simple command that can show a bitmap as ASCII art in command line (passing through a sh script).

Rainbox ASCII art

C ASCII camera

A command exploiting OpenCV to show in terminal a ASCII art video. This is the bigger sibling of the ASCII art webcam.


Absolutely not one of my programs, on the contrary, one of those that I hated the most, but also the only text editor definitely present in every computer and server regardless of the distro installed.

I remember the first time I entered it I couldn’t find a way to exit, I think I just shutdown the computer to exit it.

So here the things you must know of vi (the only few I use if a server only have vi):

  • :q! – exit without saving
  • :wq – save and exit
  • <shift>+g – go to last line
  • /<string> – serach <string>

Obfuscation and IOCCC

If you know some C, you like CLI and have a lot of time to experiment, I suggest you to visit, a page dedicated to a competition of obfuscated C code, where code becomes an art work and does incredible things.