Welcome to zagonico.com!

I’m Nicola Zago, a programmer who love computer science and mathematics and I finally decide to share in a blog some stuffs that I wrote or found interesting in last years. Welcome to zagonico.com

It has been a long time (like ten years!) since I first thought about doing a blog, but for some reason in the previous attempts I try to make my own website engine. Having a lot of web programming experience I liked the idea to apply my knowledge but that’s a VERY BAD IDEA! The main problem of this approach isn’t security, SEO or so on. It is just that I have to spent a lot of energy and time to make the website working correctly in place of writing contents. With this approach I totally missed my target, missed so much that the website didn’t even seen the light.

As a programmer often I use the previous approach: I prefer writing a limited program that I completely know, in place of learning an existing program that at the beginning I would use at 10% of its potentialities. At the end almost every time I hit the wall and have to switch to an existing program, but with a wealth of knowledge that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t wrote my own program and often this knowledge allows me to better understand the existing one.

Topics covered in this blog will be very heterogeneous, from computer vision to code optimization, from introducing my projects to sharing some interesting curiosity. Actually material is divided in three main groups:

  • Posts: here I’ll put standalone posts about news, snippets of codes, interesting arguments and so on. Every time a certain topic has enough posts I’ll add a page with a general discussion on the argument citing the posts, as a roadmap to visit them in a more organic way. Actually there are main pages for:
  • Projects: here I’ll put projects of mine that I think can be useful for other programmers. Usually I’ll put the code in github with MIT license. They are very heterogeneous:
  • Tools: here I’ll put possible tools online, but I would avoid areas already well covered in the web (e.g. hashing tools, js obfuscator/deobfuscator or similar) so I’ll put something only if I think it will give a contribution.

I’ll let the possibility to comment posts. Comments are moderated to avoid spam and inappropriate contents. I apologize in advace for the delay in answers but I manage this blog in the very few free time I have.

Finally, feel free to use the examples you find in posts, they will be available also in my github: https://github.com/zagonico86. If you copy them in your website please backlink the original page.

I hope you’ll like my blog, cheers!

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