Android Elf WS

This section is about a small framework that I use in my Android Apps for manage WS interactions. I call it ELF (Extra Light Framework) and it aims to allow the programmer to make easily a REST call and manage the response in a callback.

Android ELF

It is still quite raw and incomplete, but I think it is good enough to be useful. Here some notes:

  • you can setup a request (get, post, json, xml) and a callback that will manage the response
  • you can not import it, you must copy the package;
  • in my projects I extended some part of this framework, but I still have to merge these parts in it (e.g., PUT requests and some fixes in xml/json requests). I hope to merge in the github repository my updates.

It covers the more frequent cases for REST ws (get, post, xml requests, json requests) and in some ways it can implements SOAP requests (in the repository there is an example with VIES ws).

The framework is actually inside a test App which I use to test all the functionalities and in the git there is also a simple web-server part for the tests. In the future I would like to organize the framework as a module or a library importable via gradle.

You can find it here:

Contributions or suggestions are welcome!