Magento 2.4.6 – Dynamic Properties are deprecated

The problem Dependency Injection (DI) is a core design pattern used extensively in Magento to manage class dependencies. In Magento, DI is implemented primarily through constructor injection, where dependencies are provided directly to class constructors rather than being instantiated within the class itself. There would be a lot of interesting things to say about this… Continue reading Magento 2.4.6 – Dynamic Properties are deprecated

Obfuscation and IOCCC

In modern web programming languages an important concept is minimization of code, where the source code undergoes to a series of transformations (variables and functions are renamed, spaces and new lines removed and so on) in order reduce its size, compromising maintainability and readability in favor of space (and so speed of the download and… Continue reading Obfuscation and IOCCC

Computing 1 million digits of Euler’s Number

With this thread I start a new mathematical and computational branch: the art of computing decimals of particular mathematical constants. The first one will be e, the Euler’s number, about 2.7182818284, which is the base of exponential function ex, the only function equal to its derivative. Its inverse is the natural logarithm ln x, or… Continue reading Computing 1 million digits of Euler’s Number

3D Video Webcam

In nature vertebrates evolved mainly with two different typologies of eyes: Evolution found also other solutions to the problem of perceive depth (like the “radar” of baths), but since usually humans are equipped only with eyes and since I don’t want to make you undergo complex surgeries to test the content of the article, I… Continue reading 3D Video Webcam

Magento 2 csvfile profiler – one request per file

Built-in functionality Magento 2 provides built-in profilers to help developers to solve performance issues. You can enabling the profiler just launching: This sets a semaphore file var/profiler.flag with the chosen profiler type. There are two out-of-the-box profilers: The profiler can track also methods interesting for your development using the functions: One request per file Unfortunately… Continue reading Magento 2 csvfile profiler – one request per file

Integer Factoring – Quadratic Sieve

SPOILER ALERT!!! Long and boring article, quite technical, it is in preparation to a Java implementation of the QS that will be included in the Factoring App presented in this site. So far the Java library is not yet ready, but it is under development. In previous posts we saw something about integer factorization, in… Continue reading Integer Factoring – Quadratic Sieve