Work stuffs

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As web developer, I mainly work with Magento, Laravel, Shopify and Pimcore. Often I have to solve problems that are frequent, and every time I try to do a re-usable solution, only that then every time I have to rewrite again the same solution but edited for the specific project.

I try to describe in some post useful stuffs, that will be collected in this page.

Customize Magento profiler

Magento profiler dump requests on a single file, overriding every time it. It can be useful to log each request in a separated file. Here a module that can do it.

Magento – exclude pages from sitemap

A Magento module to selectively exclude CMS pages from sitemap. There is not a post for this module, only my github page.

Solve PHP 8.2 “Dynamic Properties are deprecated” error on Magento 2.4.6+

Since php 8.2 the dynamic properties in classes (when you use a instance variable $this->example without having declared it) are deprecated. Here a possible solution to fastly solve it.